Barbara the Metronome is a new app whose essential feature is that it can play 'mixed meters'. The term 'mixed meter' is used to describe music in which the time signature of the following bar is not always the same as in the currently played bar.

You can make Barbara play sequences of bars, and the bars can have different time signatures. A sequence of bars can be repeated automatically, and the tempo can be increased or decreased for each repetition. You can use rests and alternative metronome sounds to mark sections in music.

This video shows how Barbara works.

Some using instructions.

Barbara works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You can use the App Store App in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to get Barbara. If necessary, please, seach with words "Barbara the Metronome". Barbara will work also in older devices that can use version 12 of the iOS operating system. iPhone 6 is one such device. An Android version of Barbara is under development.

Although Barbara is designed to help with 'mixed meters', it is easy to use it as a traditional metronome. For example, when a single 4/4 bar is defined and the Repeat button is pressed, Barbara will play the 4/4 rhythm.

Barbara provides many buttons with which to choose bars for playing. The activity of choosing bars for playing is called programming. The word 'programming' may frighten some people, but programming Barbara means just pressings on buttons that are marked with familiar musical symbols.

In the picture above, some bars of The Rite of Spring are programmed to be played by Barbara. That composition of Igor Stravinsky is used in Wikipedia as an example of a piece that contains mixed meters.

The sequences of bars that Barbara plays are kind of pieces of 'metronomic music' that correspond to real music. Barbara contains many built-in demo pieces that help you to understand the possibilities of the metronome. Here Barbara is playing a demo that shows how you can program the metronome to increase the tempo.

Janne Varis, a cello player in Oulu Symphony Orchestra, says: "I have been a test user for Barbara for two years. This metronome is an important tool which saves my time when I need to practice pieces that contain varying time signatures."

Eeva Havulehto is a professional pianist and piano teacher who has studied in the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. She says: "I just love Barbara. Finally I can easily clarify for myself the changing time signatures that are common in the pieces that modern composers make."

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